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Calculate your vertical speed before landing or calculate the distance to start descending.




Visual and very easy!

Press checkboxes to take data from the aircraft in realtime. You just need to fill the red fields to calculate the solution!

Remember: this script needs FlyWithLua!

Copy the .lua file in your FlyWithLua's scripts folder (X-Plane 11/Resources/Plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts) and you will have a new macro:

- Descent Calculator


Descent Calculator



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VATSIM & IVAO supported.

Now with GPU option. You can enable GPU connection and listen the radio for hours, also you can use it to start your plane when your battery is low.

Tested with X-Plane v11.52

You will find everything you need to connect with ATC in this script. You won't need Webeye page to read ATIS and to know if there are ATCs!

All necessary data to fly with X-Plane in this Script.

You can read frequencies, METAR and ATIS reports with the same utility, without exit from X-Plane.

HPA & inHg compatible.

You can set the COM1 or COM2 from this addons to your radio with a click.

VR compatible and very useful if you don't want leave the immersion!

Now with transponder and autopilot integrated commands. Only with a simple click.

You can use your autopilot with this script. You can set with buttons: HDG, NAV, APR, REV, ALT, VS, FD, YD, VNAV, FLC, and VS Up and Down.

It's very easy to set the transpoder too with a single click. Buttons for transpoder: Apply, Get, STDBY, ON, OFF, ALT/C IDENT and TEST 

It's so easy that you won't need read any tutorial. 


atc info



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Beechcraft Baron B58 with Avitab integration with or without Winglets

The Avitab integration requires the .acf and .obj files of the original Laminar Research aircraft, but this time I have integrated Avitab into the cockpit using the updated version of MGouge, using these files instead of the Laminar files. These improvements are many and all very good! I recommend read the list into MGouge post. (Links below)

I have added and reviewed one by one all the flight parameters in Plane Maker so that the flight mode is fully compatible with the new Austin flight mode.

B58 with Avitab1.jpg.113e0b76fbf6bda1179f3ee846d9350c

B58 with Avitab2.jpg.d1cb5089aac1bd22cf3048e9b9b94a06