Subscription: 10.00 EUR

For a price of 10.00 EUR you will have access to all the downloads from this website and to the premium articles that I'll publish. The premium content of the web will be only for advanced users with this subscription as a minimum. If you like computing, application development, operating systems and games, I recommend it.

I have not set a separate price for each plugin, but with a single payment you can download everything you want from this website for a full year. It is only a payment, it is not renewed automatically.

During that year you will be able to have access to the updates that I publish on my website.

If you value the work behind each program I will be happy. Hope you like it and enjoy it.

I don't think anyone offers you so much for just 10.00 EUR

Thanks for getting here, that means you are interested in something that I have programmed and for me that is a satisfaction.