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About This File

Now like the real Beechcraft G58 with Garmin GFC 700 autopilot and Garmin G1000 NXi


The Avitab integration requires the .acf and .obj files of the original Laminar Research aircraft, but this time I have integrated Avitab into the cockpit using the G1000 version of Miniwebbs using these files instead of the Laminar files. I have taken the opportunity to solve all the flight problems of this model also adding the improvements of MGouge. These improvements are many and all very good! I recommend read the list into MGouge post. (Links below)

I have added and reviewed one by one all the flight parameters in Plane Maker so that the flight mode is fully compatible with the new Austin flight mode.

I have designed two new winglets for the wings of our favorite plane. I hope you like them because it gives a new, much more modern design. There is a lot of work with Blender!

I have also designed a new interior with a new cabin, with new materials. Now the seats look better. The pilots' seats have a new finish and look more like the real ones. The cabin overhead lights in the passenger area are now real. They activate automatically when there is little light and turn off during the day.

G58 1

g58 2

g58 3

g58 4






The cockpit also includes new improvements. Now everything is made of steel and the materials better reflect light. I have added new controls to the altitude and artificial horizon indicators so that they can be selected from the co-pilot area. Now the Prop Amps gauge works again! Speed indicator: now there is corelation between analog and digital speed indicator with concern to the yellow ark. New compass with more legibility, do you like Cessna?

I have improved all the clickable areas of the cockpit adjusting them better to the area of textures. Before they were very forward and now they are right where they should be. Now it is handled perfectly from VR.

Speaking of VR, everything has been tested in Virtual Reality and it must be said that the new B58 is extremely good in FPS. By the way, I have touched up the vrconfig file so that the points of view of the pilot, co-pilot and passengers are the best possible.

Some tips:

You can assign a key or yoke button to activate/deactivate the Yaw Damper. Go to X-Plane keyboard/joysticks menu options. There are more hidden commands without physical buttons, look for them.

About liveries you can use all of the B58 standard designs, because this Baron G58 is 100% compatible with Laminar B58.

And more (optional plugins):

3jcabin-sounds package ready to fly with B58 (It's necessary 3jcabin-sounds plugin)

X-RAAS config file made and tested. (It's necessary X-RAAS plugin)


How to install:

Simply unzip "Beechcraft Baron G58.zip" into your aircraft folder:

\X-Plane 11\Aircraft

 This mod needs Avitab plugin.


Now with better panel cockpit textures. More details and clearer!

 This mod includes G1000 files from Miniwebbs. Thanks for your G1000 version
(you don't need download it, all need files are included into my integration)

This mod includes parameters updates from MGouge. Thanks for your improvements of flight system
(you don't need download it, all need files are included into my integration)

3jCabin-sounds and X-RAAS are optional plugins. I recommend them.



Happy flights!



If you don't want to hide your iPad with the yokes edit this files (at the end of each file):


    #Comment the next line if you don't want to hide your ipad with the yokes 
    ANIM_hide 0.000000 0.000000 sim/graphics/view/hide_yoke


    #Comment the next line if you don't want to hide your ipad with the yokes
    ANIM_hide 0.000000 0.000000 sim/graphics/view/hide_yoke


What's New in Version 1.6


Better taxi and landing lights. 

New version without winglets (with and without winglets into the same pack).


Solved some bugs with textures.


Ghost zones over the iPad erased.


New prop disc with more realistic graphics.


Autopilot Garmin GFC 700 like real Beechcraft G58, with Garmin G1000 NXi

AP Heading AHRS

Altitude alert approaching 1000 feet from pre-select

Altitude alert departing 200 feet from select

Auto adjust CDI to GPS DTK (pilot and copilot)


New Avitab display, now more realistic with dirt

FSEconomy alias added

3jCabin-sounds with some optimized ranges


G1000 alt inner knob works down and up

Autopilot VVI select step size = 100 ft

Autopilot altitude select step size = 100 ft

Radio altitude select step size = 100 ft

Altitude pre-select is always armed


Initial release




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